• April 07, 2020


    Athletic Directors,

    During this unprecedented time, we implore you to stay healthy and follow established guidelines for safety.  Each of us is making sense of things in our own way, with the hope that we will soon get to a higher degree of normalcy.

    As we work our way through this new reality, we will need to lean on each other, working together to make the best of this situation that will lead to better outcomes for our student athletes. You play a unique and important role in the lives of high school student athletics and preparing for a Guaranteed Athletic Experience under your leadership and expertise will be critical to their success. 

    Dual Roles
    Every day you wear multiple hats and during this time it is no different. In your role as Athletic Directors, you are responsible both for following the direction of the DAO and for keeping track of the information sent out by your building principal. To the extent possible, you should participate in team meetings and activities for both. 


    Extended Responsibility
    You will continue to be paid your spring extended responsibility pay during this school closure.   You will complete a similar level of work as classroom teachers; however, there may be days where your extended responsibility work might require some additional time. 



    1. Work approximately five (5) hours per day during school closures.  These hours are approximations and you may work more hours some days and fewer hours on other days depending on your particular situation.  We understand that performing set hours every day could be challenging for some, due to home situations, and while we prefer that you are engaging with students each day, we are also allowing for these hours to be completed in a weekly timeframe (25 hours per week).

    2. Participate in a weekly team meeting every Monday morning.  

    3. Continue to have weekly supervisory meetings with your district office supervisor. 

    4. Continue to participate in GVE professional development and as a team member complete GVE for multiple sports.

    5. Attend meetings scheduled by your supervisor and/or school staff.

    6. Participate in school-based professional development that pertain to your job.

    7. Participate in your site based school staff meetings.

    8. Continue completing tasks on your athletic director calendar.

    9. Communicate with site-based coaches on a weekly basis.

    10. Be available daily for other things as assigned by your supervisor. 

    The work we will be doing centrally to support educators, students, and families is a vital service to our community. I am so proud of the PIL athletic team and am equally excited about the great work that we will accomplish together during this troubling time.



    Marshall Haskins                             Luis Valentino
    District Athletic Director               Chief Academic Officer Teaching & Learning