• June 1, 2020

    The Guidelines & Expectations for Home-Based Distance Learning & Social Emotional Supports document was written prior to the implementation of the  PPS Work Share program. As you review the document, keep in mind the following information:

    PAT members who are eligible for the PPS Work Share program are working a reduced schedule. A reduced schedule means you are not expected to work during the time you have reduced hours. All eligible employees will have their schedules reduced by 20% per week. If you typically work 5 days a week, this means you will not work on Fridays.  

    Your weekly hours will be reduced by 20%, and your workload necessarily will be reduced. Please work with your supervisor on questions about how this reduction will affect your workload.

    Work expectations and compensation are adjusted accordingly.

    PAT members who are not eligible for the PPS Work Share program continue working their full hours and should discuss their schedule with their supervisor.

    April 07, 2020


    PPS Educators,

    During this extraordinary time of school closure, the role of the educator remains essential to the lives of students and the success of our community. This document is to provide Portland Public Schools teachers with expectations and guidance for Home-based Distance-learning (PPS-HD) and social-emotional support through educator, student, and family connections during the extended closure. These expectations and guidance are in accordance with guidance released by the Oregon Department of Education


    Please review the Guidelines and Expectations For Home-Based Distance Learning and Social-Emotional Supports: Fostering Resilience During the Extended School Closure document.

    In this document you will find the following information:

    • Guidance, Goals & Expectations

    • Communicating with Students & Families
      • Why Communicating with Students and Families is Essential
      • Communication Plan for Families
      • Virtual Family Conversations Guidance & Resource List

    • Ongoing PD & Resources
      • Cultivating Community Resilience
      • Ongoing Distance-Learning Support for Teachers
      • Instructional Tools & Resources
      • Additional Resources
        • Mental Health and safety resources
        • SEL emotional supports for families

    • Special Education Expectations and Guidance

    • English Language Learners

    • PPS Instructional Expectations