Retirement Benefits

Retirement Workshops

  • Twice per school year, PPS invites Oregon PERS, Social Security, and Carruth Compliance Consulting (PPS 403(b) Plan administrator) to conduct informational retirement presentations to our employees.  Generally, three workshops will be offered in October and again in February.  The Social Security and 403(b) presentations are the same each meeting, but the PERS presentations are PERS membership tier specific.  Confirm your PERS membership tier before signing up for a workshop.

    PERS Membership Tiers

      • PERS OPSRP - Employees hired on or after 08/29/2003
      • PERS Tier 2 - Employees hired between 01/01/1996 - 08/28/2003
      • PERS Tier 1 - Employees hired before 01/01/1996
  • Oregon PERS Education Sessions

    PERS offers Education Sessions for all members throughout the year.  For more information and to register, visit the PERS Education Sessions Website.

Workshop Video Recordings

Workshop Presentation Slides


  • Medicare CMS L564 Form ( website)
  • Resigning (not retiring) from PPS
  • Retire from PPS