Benefits When Leaving PPS Employment

  • Leaving PPS employment (resigning NOT retiring)? 

    When your PPS health insurance coverage ends depends on several factors.  Select your Employee Group below to learn general information on when PPS health insurance coverage ends.

    • Taking a Leave of Absence from PPS? 
      See the PPS Benefits When on a Leave of Absence section of the Determine My Leave Time & Benefits webpage for more information at: 

    • Retiring from PPS? 
      Visit the Retiring from PPS webpage for retiree benefits information:

I am leaving PPS employment. When will my PPS health insurance coverage end?

  • ATU - Amalgamated Transit Union

  • DCU - District Council of Unions

  • PAT - Portland Association of Teachers

  • PFSP - Portland Federation of School Professionals

  • Non-Represented

  • SEIU - Service Employees International Union

How do I continue health insurance after leaving PPS employment?


  • COBRA - Non-Represented | SEIU

  • COBRA - Teamsters

  • National Health Insurance Marketplace - All Employee Groups

How do I continue other insurance plan(s) after leaving PPS employment?

  • Life, AD&D, LTD - ATU | DCU | PAT | PFSP

  • Life, LTD, LTC - Non-Represented | SEIU

  • Life, AD&D, & LTD - Teamsters

I need a letter stating that my PPS health insurance coverage has ended. How do I get this?

  • Certificate of Creditable Coverage - ATU | DCU | PAT | PFSP

  • Certificate of Creditable Coverage - Non-Represented | SEIU

  • Certificate of Creditable Coverage - Teamsters

What happends to my retirement accounts when I leave PPS employment?


  • If you have any questions or want to verify the specific date your PPS health insurance coverage will end*, please contact the PPS Benefits Team:

    PPS Benefits
    Phone: 503-916-6464

    Regular Business Hours:
    Monday – Friday 9:00am – 4:00pm

    :  If your end of employment information has not been processed by Human Resources yet, the PPS Benefits Team can only provide an estimate of when your PPS health insurance would end based on the last day worked that you state in your inquiry.


  • Leave of Absence
  • Retire from PPS