1095-A, 1095-B, or 1095-C Federal Tax Forms

  • 1095 Forms are due to employees via US mail no later than March 2, 2023.  Electronic 1095-C Forms are available to eligible employees beginning in mid-January. If eligible, you will be e-mailed additional information.

  • 1095-C Form Frequently Asked Questions
  • 1095-C Form Electronic Delivery

Understanding Your 1095-C Form


    1. Not everyone will receive a 1095-C (see 1095 Form: General Information below for more information).

    2. 1095-C  Form Part II (Offer of Coverage) Look on the back of your 1095-C form for the reason code or click here.

    3. 1095-C Form Part II (Employee Required Contributions) Note: Line 15 is the lowest cost option available to you for employee only coverage, NOT how much you paid for coverage.

    4. 1095-C Form Part III (Covered Individuals) Note: Lines 17-22 may be blank. Covered dependents will be reported on the 1095-B from your health provider (carrier).

1095 Form: General Information

  • Federal tax law requires everyone to have a health insurance plan, or to meet the rules for not getting coverage. For more information on the law and having health coverage, visit the National Health Insurance Marketplace website at: https://www.healthcare.gov/. In order to report your health insurance coverage, you will need to have at least one 1095 federal tax form.

    IMPORTANT:  The 1095 form is NOT required to file your taxes, but should be retained with your tax records.

    There are 3 different 1095’s you may or may not receive. The form(s) you receive depends on the type of coverage you had in 2022.  If you had coverage through:

    1. A federal Health Insurance Marketplace, you should expect to receive a 1095-A from your Marketplace;

    2. An individual or family plan NOT purchased through a Health Insurance Marketplace, you should expect to receive a 1095-B from your insurance provider or the Health & Welfare Trust Administrative Office (managed by Zenith American).

    3. A large employer (PPS is a large employer) if you were a FULL-TIME employee in 2022, you should expect to receive a 1095-B from your insurance provider, and/or 1095-C from PPS or the large employer your health insurance coverage is through.

    4. Medicare, Medicaid or CHIP, you should expect to receive a 1095-B from the government.


    Still have questions?
    If, after reviewing all the information on this webpage and the 1095 Form Frequently Asked Questions, you still have questions, please contact the PPS Benefits Team at benefits@pps.net.