• Incentive Pay for the 2019-2020 School Year

    As outlined in the Substitute Contract, Article 13 Section D:

    If a substitute fulfills an assignment at District designated schools they will receive an incentive of Ten (10) additional dollars for a full day and five (5) additional dollars for a half day. The District will decide by the first day school year for the upcoming school year, which schools would have incentive pay and will provide the list to PAT. It is up to the District’s discretion to determine what schools would receive incentive pay.


    For the 2019-2020 school year, the District has identified 18 schools to receive the incentive pay as outlined above. The 18 schools are: Boise-Eliot/Humboldt, Chavez, George, Harriet Tubman, James John, Kelly, Lane, Lent, MLK Jr., Ockley Green, Pioneer, Rigler, Rosa Parks, Roseway Heights, Scott, Sitton, Vestal, and Woodmere. 


    In order to be eligible to receive the incentive pay, completing the “Classroom Management for Guest Teachers” (PMTSS1001) course in Pepper is required. Please note: that the Classroom Management training In Pepper is unpaid. After the “Classroom Management for Guest Teachers” training is completed, you will receive the incentive pay starting the pay period in which the course completion is verified by the Sub Office through Pepper. Your certificate of completion should NOT be sent to the Sub Office, as we will review every pay period to see who has completed the training and do not need to receive individual certificates of completion. If you need any assistance with accessing Pepper, please contact IT at support@pps.net.

    Please note that substitutes who attended Sub Academy (held on Friday, November 1) were provided this opportunity and are automatically considered eligible for this. If you attended Sub Academy, no further action is needed on your part in order to receive incentive pay. If you attended Sub Academy, you will receive an additional email with further information about retroactive incentive pay.

    To access the Classroom Management training in Pepper:

    1. Login into Pepper (pepper.pps.net)
    2. The (PMTSS1001) “Classroom Management for Guest Teachers” course is listed under “Available Courses” in the lower right section of the home page. More PPS course are available by clicking on “View All”. (Once you start the course, it will be listed under “My Current Course” section.)
    3. As you complete your training course, you can see your progress and completion certificate under “My Progress”, and can click the Certificate icon to view your certificate.