• Mandatory Trainings


    Every new substitute teacher must complete the online mandatory trainings via the Pepper Professional Learning platform as part of their new hire requirements.

    Additionally, these mandatory trainings must be completed annually by returning substitutes (teachers, paraeducators, secretaries, and administrators) at the beginning of each school year. These online mandatory trainings include child abuse identification, prevention, and reporting procedures, along with identification, prevention and reporting of staff-to-student sexual conduct trainings. Information on when to complete these trainings will be sent to substitutes via their PPS email addresses. If you are not sure if you have fulfilled this requirement, please call the Sub Office and we will give you the date of your last certification.

    Portland Public Schools’ Board of Education Instructions to the Superintendent Regarding Child Abuse Reporting Procedures and Sexual Conduct:

    • Every year all administrators are directed by the Superintendent to have child abuse reporting procedures presentations and sexual conduct, including taking the online video training, for all Portland Public School employees.
    • All school district employees are required to take the training every year.



    PPS Child Abuse Prevention Information Link

    PPS Child Abuse Prevention and Sexual Conduct Training Link