• Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I request to change my preferences on the schools and subject matters I teach?

    Your “profile” can be changed at any time. If you decide to add or delete subject matters, you will need to contact the PPS substitute office at (503) 916-3330. As a “master list” substitute, you must be available to work at all PPS schools, the only exceptions are teachers who retired from PPS and current PPS teachers.

    I’m having troubles with the Aesop system. What do I do?

    For troubleshooting assistance, refer to the Aesop QuickStart Guide.

    What should I bring with me for an assignment?

    You should have the following with you:

    • Job confirmation number, name of the employee you are replacing, and any instructions provided for you on Aesop.
    • Optional: Teaching resources (i.e. fill-in activities appropriate for the subject matter)

    Are there other sources of information on lesson plans I can use in preparing for a particular substitute teaching assignment?

    Yes, there are several internet sites you can visit that are very helpful in providing assistance in developing lesson plans and fill-in activities. Please remember that teachers expect you to follow their lesson plans whenever possible. Refer to the Teaching Resources link for websites and reference material.

    What if I need to be unavailable?

    If you need to be unavailable for a day or for a period of time, you need to make yourself unavailable by entering in a Non Work Day in Aesop. Refer to the Aesop QuickStart Guide for step-by-step instructions on how to make yourself unavailable.

    The Aesop system denies me access. What’s wrong?

    Make sure you are entering the correct user ID and pin number into the system. If you still are having problems, email the Sub Office at ppssub@pps.net.

    What should substitute teachers do if they have to cancel a job they have already accepted?

    If you need to cancel out of an assignment you have previously accepted, we ask that you do this as soon as possible through the Aesop system. The earlier you are able to cancel the more opportunities we will have to fill the position with another substitute.

    Since one of the basic assumptions schools have for substitute teachers is that they will follow the teachers’ lesson plans, what do subs do if the teacher has left no lesson plans for the substitute?

    If a teacher does not leave lesson plans or if the plans are not easily understood, seek out help. You can check with the office, principal, or other teachers teaching the same grade level or subject matter.

    When substitute teachers have difficulty carrying out their duties, whether because of hard to follow lesson plans or discipline problems while on assignment, to whom can they turn for help?

    The first and best source for assistance is the school administration. The administrators are responsible for providing substitutes with the resources and support they need to succeed as a substitute in their schools. If repeated attempts to gain assistance from the school go unanswered, you should contact the Sub Office.

    How do I continue working as a substitute from year to year? Is there anything I need to do at the end or start of a new school year?

    At the end of each school year, each active substitute who is eligible to renew will receive renewal information to their PPS email account. Without completing the renewal information, you will not be active to substitute for the next year.

    Do I have a PPS e-mail account? How do I access computers in the classroom?

    You do have a PPS e-mail account and you have a PPS username. Your PPS username and password can be used to access all PPS network computers, the Learning Campus (a great place to look for ways to earn PDUs), PeopleSoft Employee Self Service (a place where you can modify your address, view paystubs, change direct deposit, and more), the PPS Website, and your PPS e-mail. To access your PPS e-mail, go to outlook.com/pps.net, type in your username (be sure to add @pps.net to the end of your username), and type in your password.

    What is Google Apps for Education? How do I access it? How do I use it?

    Google Apps for Education gives PPS employees access to Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar, Sites, and Groups all via the cloud. It can be accessed from any computer at any location allowing you flexibility. For example, you do not have to keep sending that specific Microsoft Excel document to yourself or putting it on a flash drive when you are going from computer to computer; instead, you can do all of your work in the Google Sheets document and access it from whichever computer you are using. Google Drive has unlimited storage space and allows you to share documents with other people who have Google accounts allowing for collaboration (including comments).

    Go to www.apps4pps.net, type in your PPS username (be sure to add @apps4pps.net to the end of your username), and type in your PPS password.

    Helpful Websites:

    How do I change my address?

    If you need to change your address, please do the following:

    1. Change your address using PeopleSoft Employee Self Service. To access Employee Self Service, you will need to be on PPS WiFi (such as one at the BESC building or one at a school) and you will go to this website: https://selfservice.pps.net/. The address in Employee Self Service is your official address on file with the district. It will be where you get your paychecks/pay stubs as well as any other official communication that is not directly from the Sub Office. Click here for more information on Employee Self Service..
    2. Please email the Sub Office after updating your information in Employee Self Service.

    **Please change your address in Employee Self Service if you move.**