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Faubion Rebuild

    The PPS School Building Improvement Bond is funding $33 million for the project. Concordia University will contribute land, resources and funding (up to $15.5 million).
    Construction began Winter of 2016
    Construction complete August of 2017
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    The new Faubion PK-8 leverages a major capital partnership with Concordia University. The new facility will serve as a new public/private model for higher education and K-12 sharing space as well as leveraging resources to create a new teaching model for the Cully/Concordia community. Work began in the winter of 2016 and the rebuilt school will open in August 2017. Check out the Faubion PK-8 Rebuild FAQs

Project Updates/Information

Construction is in the final stages - April 2017
 metal saw
The Faubion PK-8 project is now 85% complete and moving quickly toward its late summer finish date. On the building’s exterior, doors and windows have been installed and metal siding is complete on the south and west sides of the building. Demolition of the Concordia House adjacent to the school is complete and that area is being prepared for the construction of the entry plaza between Faubion PK-8 and the Concordia University campus. 
gym exterior
Inside the building, approximately 90% of the sheet rock has now been installed. Finish work including painting, lighting installation, and flooring is occurring throughout the building. Cabling for IT infrastructure is also taking place on all floors. The building now has permanent power connected. As finishing work continues, large portable heaters inside the building are keeping it warm. Work on the first of the school’s two new elevators is close to completion and kitchen equipment will be arriving on site soon. 
drywall finishing
Outside the building, the construction of a detached covered play area, on the Dekum street side is underway. That play area will cover an elementary sized basketball court. There is another covered play area for a middle school ball court next to the gym. Work is also happening on the play area for the Pre-K center. It will provide multiple age-appropriate activity areas for the preschoolers.
faubion sign
Campus landscape work is now beginning with the planting of the first of many trees that will be included in the project. The exterior monument sign is close to completion on the Dekum Street side. The sign will include bricks that were salvaged from the old Faubion building. The Faubion PK-8/Concordia University College of Education building remains on schedule for an August 29, 2017 Grand Opening. 
Following the snow, the pace of work picks up at Faubion PK-8 - February 2017
Ext of Faubion
Faubion building construction is progressing well as we move toward a warmer and dryer spring. Overall construction at Faubion is approximately 70% complete and the building is really starting to take shape. Exterior building work is progressing with the completion of exterior brick work and the installation of windows and glass storefronts. With the help of a 300-ton crane, large air handling units were installed on the roof. Roof work continues and the remaining building envelope construction will be completed over the next couple months.
Main hall framing.jpg
Inside the main building, temporary propane heat has been installed to keep the building interior dry and construction crews warm as they continue the interior building work. The interior metal stud framing has been installed throughout the building and the rough-in of all mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire sprinkler systems is completed. Interior wall insulation and sheet rock installation is now completed in the new 2-story Concordia College of Education wing and finish work will be starting soon. The Concordia wing elevator is scheduled to arrive at the end of February.
Main hall framing.jpg
Exterior site work has seen terrific progress. The main North parking lot, South staff parking lot and student drop off loop have been paved. Other completed work includes the installation of the exterior play canopy, and the installation of the Pre-K play area exterior canopy on the South side of the building. The demolition of the existing Concordia University house on the Southwest corner of the site will start soon, making way for the new plaza that will create a gateway from the Concordia campus to the new Faubion PK-8/Concordia University Building. The Faubion rebuild project remains on schedule and ready for Faubion staff and students to return to the revitalized school at the start of the 2016-17 school year.
October 2016 -
As the Faubion project moves into the fall, construction crews are working to seal up sections of the building as winter weather approaches with more than half the construction now complete. Much has been done since the summer with all floor and roof concrete slabs completed and all steel structure in place. In the Gym / Cafeteria / Kitchen area, roof trusses and skylight frames have been installed and the exterior brick work is 60% complete.

Exterior and interior wall framing is progressing together while exterior wall board and window installation follows along. Wall framing is complete in the health and wellness center as well as Concordia University classrooms located on the first floor. Exterior brick is being installed as the framing is completed. The primary heating and cooling shafts are being installed as well as plumbing lines, electrical conduits, fire sprinklers, and fireproofing of structural steel is in progress.

On the site’s exterior the main access drive has been graded and curbs have been poured. The main storm water drainage swale is being constructed near Dekum Street. New irrigation lines, fencing, and a backstop have been installed at the field. Concrete curbs are finished around the shared staff parking area at the southeast corner of the site. The City of Portland has completed installation of the new water service for the building.   View a new time lapse video that shows 5 months of construction work in a few seconds.

The Faubion Rebuild remains on schedule and ready for Faubion staff and students to return to the revitalized school at the start of the 2016-17 school year.
August - New Faubion is Taking Shape This Summer
 Over the last several months, construction of the new Faubion PK-8 School has progressed well. Starting from a clean slate, the first structures to emerge in spring were the concrete shear walls. These are a part of the foundation that will provide added seismic safety to the school.

Next, concrete masonry block walls rose up from the ground in the Gym and Cafeteria sections. Structural steel was then added to the section of building where many of the new community service facilities and general education classrooms will be housed.
This was soon followed by second floor concrete slabs being poured in those same areas. The second floor will house various classrooms including the STEAM and Art classes plus the media center.

Several important infrastructure items have also been completed including:
• The grading of several access drives.
• installation of the drainage system for the field.
• storm drains, sanitary sewer plumbing and electrical utilities installed.

Throughout the rest of the summer and into the fall more of the building will begin to take shape as we head toward completion of the project in the summer of 2017. Students and staff will spend one more year at the Faubion at Tubman site. In the fall of 2017 they will return to a new Faubion PK- 8/Concordia University building with its 3 to PhD® initiative.
February/March Brings Big Changes to Faubion
As February got underway demolition crews began taking down the old building to make way for the new.  Work progressed swiftly and within a couple weeks the buildings were gone. The team has taken great care to reuse and recycle building materials, all scrap metals were recycled, thousands of bricks will be reused and both the asphalt and concrete are being recycled and reused on site.
Faubion Acts a Good Neighbor
Prior to demolition in the fall of 2015, firefighting crews from around Portland used the empty Faubion building to practice roof cutting and search and rescue techniques. Portland Public Schools was pleased to offer the Portland Fire Bureau this unique opportunity that may help save lives and property in the future.

Documents, Images and Details

Grand Opening Ceremony August 29th 
The Faubion School + Concordia University Building Open House and Grand Opening is on Tuesday, August 29th at 3-5 p.m. This event provides families and students a great opportunity to tour the new campus. 
Faubion PK-8 Rebuild Project Summary
The new Faubion, part of the 2012 School Building Improvement Bond, was developed through a special partnership between PPS and Concordia University who is helping to fund the project. Through a partnership between Portland Public Schools, Concordia University, Trillium Family Services, Kaiser Permanente and Pacific Foods, the rebuilt Faubion PK-8, with its 3 to PhD® initiative will be the heartbeat of the neighborhood, offering wrap-around services to the Faubion community and Concordia students. The building combines Faubion School, Concordia University's College of Education, an early childhood education center, a Kaiser Permanente 3 to PhD® Wellness Center, state of the art STEAM/Maker Spaces, a food club with organic and nutritious products and other services.
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The Latest Faubion Construction Images

Faubion Construction 4-18-17

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  • Construction Info

    Impacts on the Neighborhood

    At the Faubion site there will be increased construction traffic in and around school grounds. The construction schedule is typically 7am-5pm, Mon-Fri, but work may occur on some evenings and some weekends as needed. Site security is a priority. There will be construction fencing surrounding the site for the duration of work. View the Faubion construction impacts flyer

  • Project Team 

    Boora Architects is the design team for the Faubion rebuild. Boora has a strong background in designing creative functional and sustainable learning environments.
    Todd Construction is the general contractor for the Faubion rebuild. Todd Construction has been serving the construction needs of the Pacific Northwest since 1940.

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Design Advisory Group

The Design Advisory Group (DAG) is a group of school and community stakeholder representatives who helped provide feedback for the new Faubion School plans. While members to the DAG are appointed, their meetings were open to the public.

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